Colleen's technique class is...

first and foremost, fun. A party (a well thought out, tried and tested party). We are here to enjoy our dances and enjoy this time we'll spend together. Joy. Support of one another. Pleasure. Radical love for ourselves, our bodies and the dances we carry. 

a highly physical experience that requires our sensitivity, precise attention, full presence in space, and sincere personality.

a fusion of various types of movement, coming from my formal and informal dance training. This includes traditional and popular West African dance, popular dances of the African Diaspora, and Contemporary dance techniques such as Flyng-Low, Passing Through Contact Improvisation, Asymmetrical Motion and Post-Modern dance. 

a moment to form and inhabit a community. We focus on ourselves and our own development, but also open up to the richness of human interaction, which offers its own endless benefits to our performance. We are people in class, not just vessels of our technique. 

an opportunity to filter through our technique as we improvise and dance set material together. Students are urged to take comfort in the familiar while pushing themselves to experiment with the foreign. We are going to explore the dances we hold in our bodies as well as new dances that I will share.

a space for each dancer to explore an individual interpretation of learned material, while reconciling the exact and the ambiguous of the movement.

a political space. A radical space. A space where I will constantly challenge what we are used to, and I invited students to challenge me.

Teaching at Loomis Chaffee high school (USA | Jan 2017), photo by John Groo

Teaching at Loomis Chaffee high school (USA | Jan 2017), photo by John Groo

Where to take a class...


Colleen teaches a bi-monthly class for Women of the African Diaspora in Buenos Aires. The class is taught from a feminist and afrocentric perspective, and serves as a meeting place and place of refuge. For more details contact her

She also teaches periodic workshops for dancers and non-dancers.